Rainbow Dolphins - A Colorful Tale

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Rainbow Dolphins - A Colorful Tale

Rainbow Dolphins swimming in rainbow-colored waves, pays tribute to the playful and joyful spirit of the dolphin, and inspired this artwork and story.

Rainbow Dolphins - A Colorful Tale

Once upon a curious
and most unusual day
in an ocean not so very far away
five dolphins
in their usual and contented way
jumped over waves
so happy in their play.

Quite suddenly a rainbow
arched across the sky
it must have been from the dolphins joy
reaching so very high.

The dolphins swam and laughed and
asked the rainbow to stay a while
as rainbows always made them smile
which made the rainbow smile, too
and glow with an even brighter hue.

Then the rainbow did something so enchanted
it simply had to be true
it plunged into the water
turning the waves
and dolphins into rainbows, too.

So remember
when joy reaches so high
into the sky
it turns into a rainbow
smile and ask it to stay
and let the magic flow through you
in happy healing waves of
red, orange, yellow, green, violet and