Romantic Fantasy Story Art - Sea Of Sorrows

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Romantic Fantasy Story Art - Sea Of Sorrows

A romantic fantasy artwork of two lovers turned into swans inspired the story.

Sea Of Sorrows art and prose by Carol Cavalaris

An evil witch,
who didn't believe in love,
cast a spell over two young lovers,
turning them into black swans,
condemning them to
forever drift apart
on the sea of sorrows.

Through the darkest, coldest nights
season after season
storm after storm
only their song of longing
as faint as a whisper on the wind
carried their feelings to one another like a caress.

What the witch didn't know
Is that the power of love
can overcome even the strongest curse,
for the lovers never stopped caring and singing
and when they finally found one another
they rose above the dark green waters
ln an embrace that could never be broken again.