Story Art - Raven Dreams

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Story Art - Raven Dreams

Seven ravens, on and around a dream catcher, pays tribute to the mysterious beauty, magic, and wisdom of the raven, in story and art.

Raven Dreams art and prose by Carol Cavalaris

In a dream
where the starlit sky is
violet and blue
and the moon is full
seven midnight ravens
came to visit
each with a message
so strong and so true

Raven One
with wings the colors of the sky
telling me to embrace
my surroundings
to stop asking why
to believe I am where I belong
in the right moment and time
to become all that I dream
and know I can fly.

Raven Two
reflecting the colors
of the moon
Illuminating the night
telling me there is
a divine balance
between darkness and light
that I need both to guide me
through the transitions of life

Raven Three
calling out
with words spoken
loud and clear
by myself and others
telling me to listen and
take heed
that it is important
to hear what I need.

Raven Four
silent and introspective
telling me to find comfort
in the quiet
for within the solitude
of my own thoughts
is the healing wisdom
and peace
that I seek.

Ravens Five and Six
standing strong together
two lovers united
against all fates
telling me no matter
what comes
they will travel through
time and space
forever mates.

Raven Seven
standing alone
learning to survive
even to thrive
sometimes with laughter
sometimes with cries
telling me to accept
what has been
that love never dies
to embrace what is now
and what is to be
and know love
is always within me.