Story Art - Snow Rose Ballet

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Story Art - Snow Rose Ballet

Story and art inspired by Brigitte's rose garden in France, and Brigitte's beautiful Snow Ballet rose, and her love for ballet.

Snow Rose Ballet story and art by Carol Cavalaris

One stormy day
two lovers quarreled
arguing their love away
but their dream was to
dance across a
gentle sky filled with roses
to feel the soft petals caress them
to inhale the intoxicating scent
to remember the joy they once felt
to know where love went.

Because dreams often come true
for those who believe
true love never really goes away
one day when the lovers cried
the storm clouds and sky turned
the softest hue
of pastel peach and pink
creamy white, and yellow, too
and then a very magical sight
the sky filled with roses
bathing the lovers in healing light.

And when the lovers
looked above
these special roses
shed tears
when love died
tears that turned into snowflakes
gently caressing their face
with soft delicate flakes
that melted the coldness
in the lovers hearts
so much so
they embraced
remembering how much
they truly cared
and together they began
a snow rose ballet
dancing their way
to love.