Story Art - Spirit Birds On Dream Catcher

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Story Art - Spirit Birds On Dream Catcher

This dream catcher within a gnarled piece of wood, surrounded by spirit birds, is artwork and prose I created in June of 2012, to honor the passing of my husband and soul mate, LJ. I have been traveling my path of grief and healing for several years now, flying low and high along the way.

Over the years, each of these spirit birds has appeared to me in some way, physically coming into my world, invading my dreams, making themselves visible in symbols, all undeniable. And when my heart is open to their message, they bring courage, strength, hope, awareness, and even joy.

Dream Catcher - Spirit Birds, art and prose by Carol Cavalaris.

Spirit Birds
You come to me
From places unknown
Showing me I am not alone
Carrying your message
From somewhere high above
On magnificent wings of healing, hope, and love.

Eagle Spirit - symbol of power, courage and rebirth. You are the divine connection between creation and earth, carrying me to new heights of renewal and self-worth.

Hawk Spirit - symbol of intuition and insight, teaching me to trust my instinct, to know what is right, to be grateful for my talents and gifts and grow in the light

Falcon Spirit - symbol of possibilities and vision, you are my light that shines in the darkness, helping me see and realize my own dreams.

Osprey Spirit - symbol of healing energies and harmony, teaching me how to take care of and nurture myself, to embrace new opportunities and others with an open heart.

Raven Spirit - symbol of protection and renewal, warning me when danger is near and soothing my fear, teaching me that death, destruction, and darkness are not the end, but the beginning of rebirth, re-building, and new life

Owl Spirit - symbol of prophecy and wisdom, teaching me to see and understand what may be hidden, showing me how to embrace the changes that are to come.