Story Art - Unicorn Rose Tree

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Story Art - Unicorn Rose Tree

A beautiful rose called 'Snow Ballet' inspired this fantasy artwork that inspired the story.

Unicorn Rose Tree, art and story by Carol Cavalaris

Once upon a time
in a land of castles and unicorns
where all who lived there
believed in romance
and magic, too
a giant rose tree grew

Unlike any other
the rose tree was
bigger and more beautiful
than any rose tree ever
the trunk so sturdy and gnarled
it looked like it had been
growing forever.

Each rose bloomed so full
as if bursting with sunshine and bliss
so perfect in every way
scented with the sweet perfume
of a smile and a kiss.

And everywhere the petals fell
another blossom grew
and not a single thorn
no wonder
gentle creatures gathered
beneath this enchanted tree
for every rose
seemed to be
the colors of a unicorn.

The whites so innocent and free
the pinks so tender and happy
year after year
beauty and hope reborn
with a healing light
growing from within
just like the heart
glowing within a unicorn.

Some people questioned
how could this be
where did this rose tree come from
what kept the rose tree going
must be a mystery from above
but, of course,
the unicorn knew
what made the rose tree bloom
and grow so strong
and live so long
no mystery from below or above
it was the magic of love.