Story Art - Wolf Moon Goddess

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Story Art - Wolf Moon Goddess

This artwork of a goddess in the glow of a big full wolf moon, inspired the prose.

Wolf Moon Goddess art and prose by Carol Cavalaris.

On a dark night of the soul
In the echo of a lonely howl
A full wolf moon rises
And glows with the
Spirit of the wolf.

This wolf moon
Shines on those creatures
Who have lost their way
Guiding them with healing light
Helping them through
The journey of life

And for those who feel
They cannot walk
past their fears
A wolf moon goddess appears
In the mist of moonlight
She listens
And whispers
You are not alone
Walk through one more day
And one more night

For within you
Glows the spirit of the wolf
Filling you with courage and love
And like the wolf moon above
You are beauty and light
And your spirit will always rise
And shine on the darkest night.