True Hearts Collectible Wall Decor Released

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True Hearts Collectible Wall Decor Released

The Bradford Exchange has just released the first in a limited-edition series of True Heart Collectible Wall Decor, featuring the wolf art of Carol Cavalaris.

Wolves are among nature's most loyal and devoted creatures, and the bonds they form are lasting and protective. Now, a first-ever Native American-style dreamcatcher collection celebrates wolves and their close-knit bonds. Showcasing the endearing wolf artistry of acclaimed artist Carol Cavalaris, the True Hearts Wall Decor Collection begins with Issue One, Kindred Spirits.

Available only from The Bradford Exchange, each Native American-style dreamcatcher in this collection features a tender portrait of two wolves by Carol Cavalaris. The artwork is vividly recreated on genuine leather and hand-tied with leather lacing to a sculptural heart-shaped frame that resembles white birch. In homage to traditional dreamcatcher adornments, each frame is embellished with accents like real feathers, hand-strung beads and turquoise-colored medallions.

In addition to this new series, Carol also has her art on other limited-edition Dream Catcher Collectibles available from The Bradford Exchange. The Art Of Carol Cavalaris can be viewed at: