Unicorn Soulmates - Universe Of Lavender Blue

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Unicorn Soulmates - Universe Of Lavender Blue

My husband, LJ, and I were soulmates. When we met he was a singer/songwriter and I was an artist and writer. We shared an amazing creative and passionate relationship for 30 years. Sadly, LJ died of a sudden heart attack. Every year, for the past nine years, on the anniversary of his passing, I pay tribute to him and our relationship with some new art. This is the most recent art and prose created in June of this year.

Unicorn Soulmates - Universe Of Lavender Blue, art and prose by Carol Cavalaris

There is a legend of
two lost lovers
who find each other on
one summer night
In June
when the iridescent moon
is so radiant and full
it turns into a precious pearl
illuminating their universe in lavender blue

Some say it is only a fantasy
the romantic dream of a fool
but only those who understand
the love of a soulmate
know the legend is true

And on this one magic night
the lovers turn into unicorns
becoming one
their hearts so radiant and full
as they run
across their universe of lavender blue

And then
when the luster of the moon
begins to fade
they must part
one going
the other staying
another year apart
but in their heart
their love beats
strong and true
in their universe of
lavender blue.