Rainbow Rose for my beloved, LJ.

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Rainbow Rose for my beloved, LJ.

The rose is a symbol of love, and so I have done this Rose series in some of the shades of love we experience in a lifetime. I added the butterflies because love is shared by two.

Colors include: Antique Rose, celebrating love remembered forever, Pastel Rose, celebrating first love, Purple Rose, celebrating the passion of love, and Rainbow Rose, celebrating the many colors of love, that can be as vibrant as a rainbow, and as momentary.

Rainbow Rose and Butterflies is also a tribute to the love of my life, LJ, who passed 9 years ago. Today would have been our 37th wedding anniversary. We were married on a big brass bed, literally. With the minister standing at the foot and LJ and I kneeling on the bed, saying our vows. And that was the beginning of a very colorful relationship.

Rainbow Rose and Butterflies art and prose by Carol Cavalaris

Rainbow Rose
your colorful petals
radiating a vibrant glow
how magnificently you grow
as if you have
captured a
momentary rainbow.

For LJ
In my heart.