Story Art - Wild Goddess Tigress

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Story Art -  Wild Goddess Tigress

I am an artist and a fiction writer, so I often create art that inspires a story, or a story that inspires art. Here is Wild Goddess - Tigress, art that inspired a story.

Wild Goddess - Tigress, art and story by Carol Cavalaris

There is a strange story
is it true
impossible to know
about an exotic flower
rare and unknown
not another in the universe
like her
she grows alone

Somewhere deep
inside a jungle
beyond the imagination
in the sunlit shadows
this wild iris grows
discovered only
by the bravest souls.

If you gaze upon
her untamed beauty
you will see colors
you have never seen before
but beware
alas, I know you will not
heed this warning
you will want more
so much more.

If you dare
inhale her intoxicating scent
if you stare
into her tigress eyes
as I know you must
you will want to tame her
to keep her for your own
Sadly for you
She will be the last to hear your cries
for this wild iris goddess
only grows alone.