Story Art - Legend Of The Blue Wolf

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Story Art - Legend Of The Blue Wolf

This artwork of blue wolves in the moonlight inspired this story.

Legend Of The Blue Wolf art and prose by Carol Cavalaris

There is a legend told among those
who have gazed into the eyes
of the Blue Wolf.

Of how this creature of mystery walks silently
through the shimmering mist of moonlight
among the ancient spirits of the forest.
Gathering wisdom forged from the fires of experience
so that she can return again and teach us
all she has come to know.

She tells those who are wise enough to listen
that within each of us lives the spirit of the wolf.
A flame that burns for knowledge, for freedom.

A soul that leaves the comfort of the pack
to travel the world of the unknown.
Singing the haunting song of life's refrain.
Crying to be heard in the darkness.

Stumbling, walking, running through obstacles and fears.
Learning to trust our instincts.
And ultimately, to embrace the journey.